WMAA Program Registration

Register Online

You are now able to register your player online. Click Here to Begin

Family Fee

WMAA charges a nominal family fee per year to minimize the need for fundraising activities and to keep its registration fees as low as possible per player. This family fee:
  • Is charged beginning with basketball registrations and covers sports from January 1 to December 31 each year (i.e. winter basketball, spring soccer, and fall soccer)
  • Is paid the first time you register a child for a WMAA sport during this coverage period
  • Is paid once but covers EVERY child in the family for each of these sports (and adults for Ultimate Frisbee)

Late Fees

WMAA imposes a late fee for registrations that are received after the due date posted on the website. Timely registrations are needed in order to ensure that the coordinators have ample time to establish teams, arrange for the appropriate number of coaches, and to ensure it can meet its deadlines with the county and state associations that it needs to abide by. Please make every effort to register by the due date or to include the appropriate late fee if assessed.


Please feel free to contact the coordinator for your area of interest with any questions: